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    If we lose this game I’ll kill myself

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    Remember when Utah beat the almighty Bama??? No one seems to ever talk about that

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      that was like 10 years ago dude, you guys cant even win in the pac12

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    The taunting rule shouldnt come into play when you get dunked on this bad. Markel…. I commend you for most likely the dunk of the year

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    I’m still trying to get over the fact that we were able to choke away playing for the Pac12 championship by losing to Colorado last game. JUST WIN THE GAME!!!! Now all I can really settle for is a crap bowl game that we’ll probably win but still…. I would love a shot at Oregon in the first conference championship. And if it could get any worse, our basketball team starts off 1-5. Wheres the good ol days with Andrew Bogut?? Tough year to be a Utes fan

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    I’m ready to make it 3 in a row in conference wins. You guys have been playing a little better since Rick had his little wake up call but now its time to see if you can win on the road. I’ve enjoyed watching the Utes play in the new conference because its much better competition and obviously the fans are into it a little more. I still believe we have the edge in this one, but lets hope for a good game

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    Not a huge fan of either team but I’m excited that we are in a conference now that can be picked for College Game Day. We’ve shown some positive and negative signs this year but I couldnt be happier being in the Pac12 and getting the opportunity year in and year out to face good competition and have a chance for the BCS games. Bring back Urban and lets make another run at it!

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    I’m actually a little intrigued by your game against Stanford this week. It was hard to watch you put a beat down on us a couple weeks ago but I think this should be a good matchup. You and Oregon are the only two things stopping Andrew Luck from winning the heisman & it’ll be interesting to see if you guys can go away from home and put up a big road win. This could be a defining moment for your season. Good Luck

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      Its all about belief and coach sarkisian has made all the players believe they can win. Our offense looks to be working in unison and our running game seems to be bulldozing through everyone. If we were ever able to beat Luck and Stanford this is the year.

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      Damn right we have a good chance of beating Stanford. We havnt looked this good in years. Kids from California better be ready for an upset alert

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    Dont write us off yet. Going into Pitt is not easy task and we were able to handle that game pretty easy. I think we just had a little cold feet joining the new conference and having a tougher schedule. We’ll settle down and fit right in…. Have a nice couple games coming up that can really give us some confidence to close out the year

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      Notice how Pittsburgh isnt in the Pac12?? They are not a good team… you beating them justifies nothing. The fact that we killed you a couple weeks ago just proves you dont belong here. Go back to your freshman league conference where you belong!!!!!

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    I cant stand either of these teams. I like Stoops way more than Mack… but come on. These are just a bunch of hillbillies playing football. Their combined IQ must be completely rock bottom and the fact that they even know how to memorize a playbook more than 4 pages surprises me. The Sooners are overrated and Texas has been crap ever since their Rose Bowl win

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      Then dont watch. Have you noticed how bad your team is now that you are in a decent conference? Everyone is always complaining that these little teams should get a shot… you guys are floating at .500 just barely surviving in the Pac12. Good luck even coming close to making a bowl game lol

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    Cant wait for tomorrow morning. Got my beer ready, tickets in hand, and an ass whooping ready to give to Pine and you other purple wearing huskies. GO UTES

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    This guy is my new favorite player. Yes I will pre order the game RIGHT NOW

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      That is actually kind of funny. Lets get Chuck Norris on the cover

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    This article is so dumb i thought I’d repost it. Because of weather??? lol …. just hand the trophy to Luck already

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    I’m not even a Penn St or Bama fan but I just got goosebumps. Hope for a good game

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      that was pretty sick. Hope Bama gets their ass beat

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      should be a good game. Rooting for Penn State here

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    HAHAHAHA We should have just taken your spot in the conference

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    I’ll give my new conference some love. Rooting for the DUCKS!