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      Man that was sad to hear. The guy only lived for football, literally. He deserved to be fired but he will always be a legend in the CFB world.

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    Adam’s punt return was sick last night but still no where near as awesome as his one against Tennessee. This has to be one of the best of all time

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    Please tell me that this game will be more entertaining than the Bama LSU game. What a snorer. I’m intrigued to watch Luck again… I dont think Oregon can stop Stanfords offense, but I definitely dont expect Stanford to stop Oregons offense. Looks like both are clicking perfectly and should be a fun shootout. Even though neither of these teams could probably beat LSU in the championship game, they are both way more exciting atleast to watch

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      There is absolutely no team that can beat us. This is our year and we welcome the challenge of another Pac12 team. You put them against any big & strong defense they crumble. If Bama cant get through us, no one can. GEAUX TIGERS!

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        Give Oregon some credit, we scored more points on your defense than anyone else LSU has played.

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    How about DajLeon Farr for the U. DajLeon was recruited to be the next big thing at TE for The U Following greats like Shockey, Winslow, Olson …. but after just nine catches in three seasons, he decided to transfer to Memphis for one last shot at glory. Obviously no one has heard of him since and still has left us and our offense in a pickle. You the man!

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    How bad are your fans going to feel when we give you 2 losses in a row.
    THE U!!!

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    These are SIIIIICK!

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    COME ON ’CANES, How did we lose that one????